Thirteen Bled Promises, Detoxed, Brainfuel en concert à Montpellier (The Blackout) le 6/03/2016

Thirteen Bled Promises, Detoxed, Brainfuel
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5 euros
dimanche 6 mars 2016

The Blackout
6 rue de la Vieille
34000 - Montpellier

Designated by the website total-deathcore as one of the top ten deathcore bands of all time and after desolating Spain with their abominable debut 'Heliopause Fleets', Thirteen Bled Promises return with 'The Black Legend', their highly anticipated and crushing conceptual prequel and their first European Tour!

This alien machinery will be abducting all metalheads in Montpellier march 6th! Come and witness the brutality for yourself:

Detoxed, both sophisticated and spontaneaous thrash-melodic death metal. Made of power and melodies, made of catchy choruses and break-neck riffage... Something that could be described as the missing link between In Flames and Strapping young Lad:

The guys from Brainfuel will be there too! Young original metal band from Montpellier full of energy and crazy structures both dark and powerful, really awesome band, there will be total chaos!:

Get ready for a night full of good metal, let's mosh and put those horns up metalheads!!