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Création : 2001
Genre : Black Metal
Origine : France, Chambéry
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Description :
Beginning its life in the middle age of 2000 with Abssyd, Furthass and Dalgrin , officiating then in CAPHARNAUM, and Yohvan of SVARTHRONER.

The band quickly recorded and released the "NON SERVIAM" EP in September 2001. It was this EP that brought them to the attention of the european press, it was self financed and the pressing was limited to 500 copies which was soon to be a valuable collector’s item.

In 2003 technical problems stopped the recording of the second EP, moreover Yohvan decided to leave the band who was soon replaced by Oldar (ATROPHY / Ex-NEHEMAH).

During winter 2004, EVOHE started to perform again and a new EP "TERIN'NA" is recorded and limited to 200 copies due to Oaken shield's interest in the band. EVOHE’s first full-length "TELLUS MATER" was unleashed upon the masses through the french label Adipocere Records in September 2005.

In 2006, Oldar departed, and was later replaced by Hljóðr (CAINAN DAWN / Ex-MYSTERIACH / Ex-NEHEMAH).

After over two years of slumber, EVOHE returns with a full line-up, and are in the midst of recording new material for a future full-length.

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